Spice token will become third staking reward payout on FEX staking app.

RFND Investment has created FEX which stands for a revolutionary Fair Exchange Staking App, where our holders will be receiving monthly staking rewards in Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

Let’s take a quick look on what FEX is: 

FEX Staking App​​​

Therefore staking rewards payout imply for us 0% inflation and our holders will be receiving cryptocurrency, whichis 100% convertible and liquid on the market.

People from different crypto communities have joined RFND such as SLP, BCH, ETH and Tron communities. We give them freedom, they can pick any cryptocurrency to receive every month into their wallet.

RFND is a SLP token built on Simple Ledger Protocol which runs on Bitcoin Cash. So we run on Bitcoin Cash but we also have a very strong ties with Ethereum community, so our exchange rate relies on both of them: Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

We are against crypto tribalism because it gets you absolutely nowhere, we are driven by the needs of our community; we listen to them, create new services and make profits for them, so far 10.33 BCH (4,600 USD) have been delivered to our stakers in 6 occassions, that’s aprox. 20% in the last 10.5 months on the total value of our circulating supply.

RFND introduces a new staking cryptocurrency reward: Spice Token. 

Spice token is one of the leading SLP tokens which has integrated Spicebot, Spice Trading Bot and rewards people for their memes. It’s a very cool and liquid token. Spice is one of the leading SLP tokens which has created an interesting utility ecosystem.

 We like their community and what they do. Spice is convertible on Coinex.  Refundians who prefer to stake in Spice will be able to do so from February 15th.

Refundians are able to receive staking rewards per each cryptocurrency from the following minimum amounts:

Spice token from 2 million RFND.

Bitcoin Cash from 5 million RFND.

Ethereum from 40 million RFND.

1 million RFND has a variable exchange rate from 4 – 7 USD. (0.0095 sat – 0.015 sat of BCH).

The rewards will be based on the algorithm tied to trading performance of RFND vs Bitcoin Cash. You can look at detailed explanation in the following video: 

How to calculate staking rewards?​​​

The rewards will go from 1% to 4.39% according to the amount staked if RFND increases 0% vs BCH in one month.

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 This table stands for a variable interval of staking rewards.

Let’s make an example with Gold level:

If RFND increases 0% vs BCH on an average base in 1 month, holder will receive 2.02% of BCH or ETH or Spice based on calculation vs the beginning of the period.

However if average monthly price of RFND goes down vs BCH, this percentual staking reward may go down until 1.21%. If the price decreases more than 40%. The model is locked until 40% decrease of the reward.

On the other hand if average monthly price of RFND goes up vs BCH, the percentual staking reward may go up to 2.83%. If the price increases more than 40%, the model will rely only on 40% increase of RFND.

Therefore our model of calculation of staking reward is within an interval 40% to -40%.

Every staking reward is individually calculated for every holder and will depend on the moving average of 5 days of the initial price, and it’s performance is calculated on moving average of 30 days.

FEX is a new way of staking: 

That means your staking is 100% non custodial, therefore you will be in charge of your funds, you only have to subscribe RFND to FEX staking app which is a very easy process to do.

You can withdraw your RFND tokens at any time you want to, to be eligible for staking reward payout you need to comply with a min staking period of 30 days. If you withdraw any amount, then your staking is terminated and may start at the following period.

Every holder can do whatever he/she wants with his/her tokens.

Besides this RFND has announced the slowest gradual circulating supply release in the market. Its circulating supply will be released within a period of 55 years, and will finish in the year of 2076. RFND was born on Feb 25th 2020, so far only 5% of its circulating supply has been released, and only 5% of its supply as a total limit will be released this year. Our total supply is 89.96 billion of RFND. 16% of the total supply will be used for the team’s purposes: wages, marketing, exchange listing fees, and our future products. 

The price of RFND will be subject only to free market moves on CCTip, memo.cash in RFND/BCH and RFND/ETH and RFND/TRX trading pair and the future market places and or exchanges. Free market will  be in charge to determine the current price of RFND token.

We integrated Spicebot as a new way of tipping for our community, we hold educational Trivias every Monday and Thursday, plus we are working on new exchange listing in the following weeks.